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Life Right Now: “Wisdom from Noah story” (Pt1)

Life Right Now is based on audio Bible studies and sermons recorded by the author since February 2009. 


Many people are somewhat familiar with the Biblical account of Noah and how he built an ark which preserved some humans and a bunch of animals through a 40 day flood.  Well that situation is packed full of empowering truths that we can make use of today so let’s slow it down just a bit and look closer at this situation starting with the man, Noah.  (See the Bible ( Old Testament portion) in Genesis, Chapter. 6) 

Apparently the people of Noah’s society were terribly violent and life was harsh. Scripture says that as God observed, He saw that  the intents of people’s hearts were terrible continually!!! God was deeply troubled.  Believe it or not, our Creator is very concerned about the details of human life on earth. People were lost!!.  With their free will they chose to  deal violently and destructively with one another.  The society was out of control embracing and enjoying wrong. 

But then the story takes a quick break from this depressing description and mentions a man named Noah, who it says found favor in God’s eyes.  Apparently, in the midst of this angry and hostile environment, Noah stood out in some way.  He had a different vibe than most in this messy society.  So what was it about Noah?  What made God consider him favorably?  Wasn’t Noah a regular guy created just like everyone else? Did he never make a mistake?  Maybe he was an introvert or anti-social person who stayed isolated from the world around him and didn’t really try to find enjoyment in life.  Was that how Noah stood out?  Why did God look upon Noah with favor?

Well, the Scripture gives us a very simple answer. “Noah walked with God.  What does this bring to your mind, “walking with God?” Maybe you never thought of it before or maybe you never cared about it …but since you’re reading this, how does the concept of walking with God strike you?  Is it something that you are able to relate to or  visualize in some way?  Hold that thought…

Honestly, it’s totally fine if it’s difficult to wrap your mind around what it means to walk with God.  It’s DEEP!  But whenever you have a minute… or two…like between school work, house work, office work, church work, texts, TWITTER, emails, FACEBOOK, calls, shopping, other SOCIAL NETWORKING, love life…single life… driving, traveling …LOL whatever LIFE is for you!  …Try to visualize a walk with God then we’ll check back in on Noah’s story and see what can be learned about it…


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